IT and eSafety training for small buinsess


Learn IT software packages needed for a small business

From keeping track of budgets, professional word processing, learning how to mailmerge, becoming a spreadsheet whizz or designing flyers, adverts and other such documents - all small businesses need affordable solutions for daily admin tasks.

We offer 1:1 training in these skills so you can take control and keep costs down. We will provide this support on your business premises.  


Social Media for Business - get your business noticed

You have a small business. You are the expert in this field. But how do you start marketing your services to the local community and tap in to your target market?

We can offer you the social media marketing advice and training needed for your business to get noticed and help build a larger customer base. Whether it's Facebook, a Twitter account or a blog, we can help you set up and keep on top of your small business marketing strategy. This alongside our IT and eSafety training should give you the basics you need to feel confident with your admin and your marketing strategy.


The importance of having a website.

Window-shopping isn't what it used to be - your customers are just a click of a button away on their device. Not having a simple website means that you are potentially giving business away to your competitors. A website is a cost effective way to advertise and first impressions are vital. Even if you are not directly selling online, you can still sell your brand and your services. We can come and take you through low cost solutions, guiding and supporting you and through this marketing process.